Shereen Ahmed


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About Shereen

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Shereen Ahmed is a singer/actress residing in New York City where she is best known for crashing her first Broadway open call, debuting in the ensemble and understudying Eliza Doolittle in the Lincoln Center Theatre’s revival of My Fair Lady.

Shereen has studied human rights at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic, and she holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Sociology and Anthropology with a Concentration in Criminal Justice from Towson University.

Her passions include traveling the world, creating art that is thought-provoking, and raising awareness to issues of diversity, inclusion, and equality through her work, volunteering, and meaningful conversation.

Beginning December 2019, she will be traveling the country starring as Eliza Doolittle in the first national tour of The Lincoln Center Theatre’s production of My Fair Lady, under the direction of Bartlett Sher.


Shereen is so grateful for the guidance she has received from her teachers and mentors.

Special thanks to Jen Waldman at Jen Waldman Studio and Deric Rosenblatt at Vocal Power LLC.